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Spring Treatments

Available for Residential, Commercial and Condo properties

Old thatch can be found in your lawn every spring. By removing the thatch, and cutting the lawn, fresh green growth will happen quickly!   A power raking is recommended in late April to Mid-May. this will get rid of the thatch and expose your soil to the sun. It is recommended to fertilize immediately after your service. 

We offer anywhere from a simple power-rake & vac, to a full 5-step total spring cleanup for your lawn’s first treatment of the year.  It’s a great way to get your lawn off to a healthy start in the early spring months. BOOK EARLY! Space is limited.



Power-rake & Vac only – starting at $180*


  • Power-Rake (dethatch) all lawn areas

  • Vac, bag and haul away all thatch

Total Spring Cleanup – starting at $250*


  • Power-Rake (dethatch) all lawn areas

  • Leaf and debris cleanup – from all corners of your yard                                                                                                 (extra charges if excessive leaves)

  • Vac, bag and haul away all grass and debris

  • Cut all lawn areas, and trim around all buildings, borders, fences & trees

  • Clear grass clippings and debris away from sidewalks and driveways

Aeration add-on available for an additional cost.

*prices based on most average sized yards and taxes are extra – Please contact us for an accurate estimate.


The same spring services offered at residential properties are always available to condo's and commercial properties as well.

Please contact us for a full season quote on your property!


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